02 abril 2006

Pierre, aprenda com o leprechaun!

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"The numbers tell the story. 'In 1987, the Irish Republic's per capita income hovered at 63 percent of the United Kingdom's,' writes Powell. 'Today, Ireland's $25,500 per capita income bests the United Kingdom's per capita average by $3,200.' More broadly, the average income per capita in Ireland is now 122 percent of the European Union’s average."

Porque a coisa tá preta:

"In France, similarly, the numbers are telling. The guaranteed and artificially high minimum wage currently stands at 86 percent of the nation’s average salary of white collar employees, discouraging job creation and creating a disincentive for productivity and upward mobility.

For those able to find a job, the French mandated work week is 35 hours, except during the mandated five weeks per year of paid vacation.

'French labor laws are among Europe's strictest,' reports Christopher Sultan in Der Spiegel. 'Practically every dismissal ends up before a labor court.' The idea is security, the notion that employment will be maximized if no one can get fired. In fact, the effect is the opposite. If employers can’t fire, they’re less likely to hire, and especially less likely to hire from the ranks of the most disadvantaged and inexperienced.

In a milieu that’s doing its best strangle the private sector with red tape, confiscatory taxation, and litigation, it’s not surprising that the French economy operates with 23 percent of its labor force working for the government, a malfunctioning and sponging assemblage of six million 'public servants' who outnumber the combined number of French shopkeepers, business owners, and self-employed tradesmen, i.e., carpenters, plumbers, etc., by four to one."