05 abril 2009

Thomas Sowell em dois momentos

1) Quando ele também (além de mim, eh eh eh) acha que os EUA estão a caminho de se tornarem uma República das Bananas:

Whatever the political or economic issues involved, this is not the way such issues should be resolved in America. We are not yet a banana republic, though that is the direction in which some of our politicians are taking us-- especially those politicians who make a lot of noise about "compassion" and "social justice."

2) Quando, em alguns trechos, fica quase impossível saber se ele está falando de Obama ou de Lula:

What is even worse than making mistakes is having sycophants telling you that you are doing fine when you are not. In addition to all the usual hangers-on and supplicants for government favors that every President has, Barack Obama [ou Lula?] has a media that will see no evil, hear no evil and certainly speak no evil.

They will cheer him on, no matter what he does, short of first-degree murder-- and they would make excuses for that.