07 setembro 2008

The screwtape letters

Este delicioso livro do magistral C.S. Lewis me ajudou a suportar a desagradável experiência que foi a viagem Rio-Paris pela Air France hoje. Sério, me fez sentir saudades de voar American Airlines. Mas isso é outro papo.

Minha idéia era postar bons trechos das cartas que Screwtape enviou a seu adorado sobrinho Wormwood, mas a cada uma que eu lia percebia que a tarefa de escolher alguns poucos trechos era impossível de ser realizada.

Separei dois trechos relevantes para mim:

Above all, do not attempt to use science (I mean, the real sciences) as a defense against Christianity. They will positively encourage him to think about realities he can't touch and see. There have been sad cases among the modern physicists. If he must dabble in science, keep him on economics and sociology; don't let him get away from that invaluable 'real life'. But the best of all is to let him read no science but to give him a grand general idea that he knows it all and that everything he happens to have picked up in casual talk and reading is 'the results of modern investigation'.

All you then have to do is to keep out of his mind the question 'If I, being what I am, can consider that I am in some sense a Christian, why should the different vices of those people in the pew prove that their religion is mere hypocrisy and convention?' You may ask whether it is possible to keep such an obvious thought from occurring even to a human mind. It is, Wormwood, it is!