11 março 2006

Muito fraquinho

Este artigo publicado na Capitalism Magazine está muito fraquinho. O autor tenta determinar o padrão de comportamento das celebridades autodestrutivas que se envolvem com álcool e drogas e, através de premissas para lá de incorretas, conclui que a causa é a tentativa de alcançar uma moralidade proposta pela cultura judaico-cristã.

Pelo menos foi isso que eu entendi, principalmente nestes dois trechos:

"A young person brought up in conventional society, educated in the public schools and taught a Judeo-Christian morality, has probably heard the following: the only reason to achieve is to serve society; the essence of morality is self-sacrifice; choose important values by following your emotions. Celebrity X takes these ideas seriously. What is the result?

The first thing Celebrity X will feel is guilt. He looks around and sees people who are older, smarter, and have been working at their careers for decades––and still haven’t come close to his level of success. He’ll see the poor people around the world and wonder why he deserves his success while they have nothing."


"Since he lives in Hollywood and is active in the social scene, drugs and alcohol are a constant temptation. Eventually, the combination of guilt over his success and the pressure of trying to prove himself moral via his causes will bring him to such an unbearable level of stress that we will feel the only solution is to drown it in drugs and alcohol."