03 novembro 2007

05 pega a vassoura!

Diante de tão desagradável perspectiva, os números confessarão tudo.

Até mesmo inverdades.

Este é o problema das estatísticas. Na verdade não é delas, mas de quem as tortura.

Greg Mankiw mostra que o depoimento das estatísticas, extraído sob tortura, pode esconder fatos muito diferentes daqueles que se deseja provar.

WITH the health care system at the center of the political debate, a lot of scary claims are being thrown around. The dangerous ones are not those that are false; watchdogs in the news media are quick to debunk them. Rather, the dangerous ones are those that are true but don’t mean what people think they mean.

Here are three of the true but misleading statements about health care that politicians and pundits love to use to frighten the public:

STATEMENT 1 The United States has lower life expectancy and higher infant mortality than Canada, which has national health insurance.


STATEMENT 2 Some 47 million Americans do not have health insurance.


STATEMENT 3 Health costs are eating up an ever increasing share of American incomes.