01 junho 2006

Faltou assunto?

Então tome Thomas Sowell:

"Before we turn to facts, we need to understand the vision. This is a vision of the world more precious than gold. To those who believe it, this vision is a treasure beyond price because it is also a wonderful vision of themselves - and they are not likely to give it up for anything so mundane as grubby facts.

For those liberals who lived through the 1960s, that was often also the springtime of their youth, increasingly treasured as a memory, as the grim realities of old age settle down upon them today. It is expecting an awful lot to expect them to consider any alternative vision of the world, especially one that shatters the beautiful picture of themselves as wise and compassionate saviors of society.

But what are the facts?

While liberals may think of the 1960s as the beginning of many 'progressive' trends in American society, cold hard facts tell a very different story. The 1960s marked the end of many beneficial trends that had been going on for years - and a complete reversal of those trends as programs, policies, and ideologies of the liberals took hold."